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Innovators in Business Process Management (BPM)

Alia provides an unrivalled package of product and services, which combines:

  • The power and flexibility of Stateframe
  • The direct involvement of Stateframe's architects
  • Partnerships with some of the finest process integrators in the sector

Alia will work with you to fundamentally change the way your business operates!

"Replacing our existing workflow with Stateframe has
given us the control we need today, as importantly,
it will enable us to react flexibly to the growth of CBA CLAIT
entries over the next 5 years (at least!)"

OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations)

Stateframe has a lot of functionality that sets
it clearly apart and ahead of most other
workflow engines on the market today.

Component Software

"We found Stateframe provided a rich set of business
automation tools that integrated seamlessly with our Intranet."

Thomson Financial